Simple Tips for Marketing Practical Products

Some products simply sell themselves; luxury vacations in Hawaii, shiny new sports cars that go faster than ever before – there is no problem selling that kind of product because people are immediately impressed.

However, there are other products, which are arguably more important than a nice vacation or a fast car, which are a bit more difficult to sell due to their practical nature which can lead to them seeming s bit boring. Things like pots and pans, car parts, or power tools are vital in everyday life, but they aren’t exactly ‘sexy’ from a marketing perspective.

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That doesn’t mean, of course, that if your product is of a more practical nature, you should throw in the towel and not bother marketing it at all – quite the contrary in fact! 

Below you will find some very effective tips to help you market your product no matter how practical it may be.

Poke fun at it

One of the best strategies for selling something that might be a bit boring is to actually poke fun at how boring san practice it is. Being able to laugh at yourself and your products is a very attractive trait, and it will show the consumer that you do have personality, which means they are more likely to choose your product over a similar one that has not put the effort in.

Focus on the problem it solves

Instead of trying to big up your product by listing all of the features it has, focus on how those features help people. For example, Volvo Penta could focus on the fact that their marine yacht motors improve maneuverability and control for smooth sailing, or the manufacturer or an automated can opener can focus on how their product makes it easier for people with illnesses like arthritis to stay safe and independent in the kitchen. This is often a much better way to sell stuff than listing a lot of technical specs that are dry, and many customers will not fully understand.

Create helpful content

If your product is practical, then a good way to raise awareness of it and make more sales is to simply create helpful content with the help of how-to videos and tutorials relating to the thing your product helps people do. These, you could even display in your business website for viewers to watch. For example, if you sell paintbrushes, start creating content that teaches people how to prime their walls before painting or how to clean their paintbrushes more effectively, and keep doing this until you have built up a significant back catalogue of content. Speaking of catalogues, you could also consider booklet printing in Spartanburg, SC to distribute to interested consumers. Much like how-to videos can be insightful, booklets, brochures, and catalogues can educate your target audience about the product. Pretty soon, you will be seen as an expert by many people in the niche, and this will make it more likely that customers will trust you, and therefore buy your products.

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to market practical products more effectively – you just have to think outside the box and make a real effort to connect with your target audience in any way you can. Even the dullest of products can be made to shine!