Hi there! Thanks for wanting to reach out! I always want to know how I’m doing. The only way I can know how to improve on something or know if something is going well is if I hear it directly from you! Here are some excellent reasons I’d like you to get in touch with me:


Again, it’s so hard to tell how successful this site is without feedback. Please, please, please do not hesitate to reach out to me about something that could be improved or about something that bothers you, or if you just want to know the reason for something. I highly value your input and I could not continue without it. This site is all about connecting and communicating with the business world, and it would be impossible to make it work without using connection and communication as foundational principles for maintaining the site. I really want it to change, develop, and grow into a resource that will be forever relevant and valuable. This goal would be impossible without you and your feedback.


Let’s say you have been an avid reader of this blog for a while now, and feel you now have some tips you’d like to give back to the community who supports you. This is excellent news! One way you can do that is write guest posts!

There is more information about this under the “Get Published Here” tab, so I’d recommend you hop on over to that page so you can get started! Or you can contact me through the contact form so i can give you any guidance you need


Say it’s possible you’re new to business and are looking to open your own? Or perhaps you are an experienced business owner who has hit a plateau? Maybe the many blog posts and information on the site are simply overwhelming and you need a hand to help you navigate them?

These are all excellent reasons to reach out directly to me. I can guide you to find the resources specific to you and your business’ needs, and answer any questions you may have! I understand how all of this information can just seem cumbersome, so I always like to make it clear that I am here to help you wade through all of it, cherry pick what you need, and discard the rest for someone else who needs it. Maybe you need more tips on how to motivate your employees, or you’d like to know what is the best way to invest your money? I am happy and qualified to personally answer those questions if the blog posts do not suffice. I want you to feel like the site is inclusive to you, and a part of that is feeling comfortable enough to contact its owner (me!) with any and every question that comes up.

So don’t hesitate to reach out! You can do this by either using the contact form below. I’m good about staying on top of my mail so expect a quick response!

I look forward to hearing from you!