Thank you so much for visiting my website! Here is where I tell you a little bit about myself and my background so you can get a better sense of why this blog is important to me and hopefully will be to you!

Who Am I?

I’m the owner of this blog, Yasmin Chambers, and I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my wonderful parents and older sister Margaret. Growing up I loved to play tennis and softball, and discovered I had an affinity for the arts, particularly theater in the 4th grade. My mother always said I had a flair for the dramatic, so it was natural I fell into theatre! I quickly learned my favorite aspect of drama was learning about stage makeup. Learning to create fake bruises and cuts and accentuating someone’s character was so fascinating to me! My love of makeup of all kinds still applies today, but that is where it all started. Throughout high school I learned to love skincare and makeup, but also began taking a few marketing classes and joined the school’s marketing club. I discovered I absolutely loved it. I had finally found what I was really passionate about!

After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in business, I began to look for opportunities in business right in my hometown of Minneapolis. I went from a front desk position to a management position at a small company, but I wanted more. I found a wonderful job in the human resources department at a local trading company (still there currently) and loved it, and on the side I love to share my knowledge about all aspects of business with like minded people. I’m passionate about building businesses, skincare and makeup, and my family. I currently still reside in Minneapolis with my husband (of five years!) Jacob and our 4 year old son, Nick.

Why This Blog?

So here we are, present day, reading this blog! A few years ago I felt a little disconnected with the business world. I missed my college classes and fellow peers with who I would bounce ideas off of and exchange knowledge and from who I would gain new perspectives. This missing part of my life is how decided I wanted to find a way to connect with fellow business builders of all shapes and sizes on a platform I could write for as well as others. I figured this blog would be an excellent way to achieve those goals as well as provide another source of income for me and my family, so again I’d like to thank you for visiting!

I’m hoping this blog becomes a hub for anyone and everyone looking to gain more knowledge about how to make their business more successful as well as inspire them to try new things and take risks. This is a site for business owners, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between to read, contribute, advertise, connect, network, and collaborate with like minded people so we can build each other up as a community of business people and help one another succeed.

Where Do You Come In?

Feel free to browse the site for anything that might come in handy for you and your business. This blog exists for your business’ benefit, so I hope it becomes a trusted resource for you and helps you reach your goals! There are many ways to participate, such as sharing your own knowledge, advertising your own business, or simply being a loyal reader. Any of these options is very much welcome and appreciated. Thank you for visiting and participating!