Keeping Morale High Among Your Remote Staff

2020 has proved to be an extremely difficult year for many businesses. No company could have been prepared for the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic. While certain organizations take measures to prepare for emergencies, very few were ready for what happened earlier this year. 

Although there have been devastating consequences for a lot of businesses, many have learned to adapt to the trying circumstances. Where possible, workers have been operating remotely. The vast majority of office-based employees have spent the best part of 2020 working from home offices. 

For some companies, the transition to a remote working staff has been hugely successful. Businesses have learned that they can function quite well with their employees working from home. However, this has not been the case for every company, and many workers prefer the structure of office life. 

With the virus still very much present in society, remote working looks set to continue for a little longer. Therefore, it’s important for companies to make a concerted effort to keep morale high among their remote staff. Here are four effective ways of doing so that all management should consider. 

  1. Set clear goals and expectations

Being so distant from colleagues means that communication is somewhat compromised. In order to be efficient, effective, and productive, staff require crystal clear targets and expectation. With nobody physically around them to bounce queries off, employees might feel overwhelmed if they are unaware of what their exact roles are. 

Focus on communication and ensure that you set clear goals and expectations for all members of staff. 

  1. Accommodate flexibility for workers

Many of your workers will be facing new and unfamiliar responsibilities in their lives. Transitioning to remote work in such unprecedented times is difficult and stressful. It’s vital that management is understanding and allow their workers to be flexible in terms of workload and hours. 

  1. Host virtual social events

Many employees claim that a lack of social interaction is the most difficult aspect of adapting to remote work. Work colleagues can become very close, so it’s important that you encourage virtual socializing. 

During virtual meetings allow more social interaction and invite people to discuss their private lives when you first log-in to a video conference call. 

Another great way of keeping morale high is to host virtual social events. Establish routines where people meet virtually for coffee or lunch breaks. Consider putting together an after-work virtual party. Send out snacks and drinks packages to your staff and enjoy them together over Skype, Zoom, or an alternative video chat technology. Setting up a virtual photo booth that’s customized for your company is a great way to inject some added fun into the party. 

  1. Prioritize regular conference calls

Conference calls allow for face-to-face interaction. While this might not seem necessary every day, you must not overlook its importance. Effective communication is far easier via video call. It allows you and your colleagues to convey and interpret information a lot easier. 

Prioritize regular conference calls and allow people to get comfortable before delving into business talk.