3 Tips For Choosing Your Product Packaging

In many ways, the product packaging is almost as important as the product. Certainly, it’s not unheard of for some products to sell well purely because of the packaging. Likewise, plenty of great products have never reached their potential due to lousy packaging materials. What needs to be thought about is how customers receive their package, that is why when bearing in mind the design, there needs to be a discussion on protection to make sure nothing is harmed in transit, that could mean using shrink wrap (https://shrinkwrapcontainments.com/c-7-shrinkfast-heat-guns-and-accessories.aspx) to seal everything in, an extra box with buffers surrounding it, the list goes on. This can then be factored into outgoing finances to see what the cost will be, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction.

As such, you could consider product packaging as an aspect of your marketing strategy. It definitely promotes your business and helps to draw eyes towards your products. However, much of that is down to the design on the packaging. That’s not technically what we’re looking at today; we’re looking at the specific product packaging materials before you add your designs. 

So, how do you choose the perfect packaging? It’s not overly difficult, and here are three top tips:

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Consider the product

This is an obvious place to start, and obviously the type of product determines the packaging that makes the most sense. For example, a large product would suit box packaging more than something the size of your hand. But, you should also think about how the product is used. Is it an item that is taken out of the packaging straight away? Or, will it stay in the packaging and be re-used over and over again. There are things like Roll Stock manufactured by Plastic Packaging Technologies that work brilliantly if your product is a food item or something that gets used over and over again. With this style of packaging, it can be resealed after each use. Does your product need this, or do you need something that’s more for single-use?

Think about recyclability

Can you recycle the packaging? Or, more specifically, how easy is it to recycle the packaging? In this day and age, you need to find product packaging that isn’t bad for the environment. Businesses are being urged to help cut down on the amount of waste around the world. Much of this comes from plastic packaging and other materials that are non-recyclable. So, if you are considering plastic, be sure it’s one of the plastics that can actually be recycled. Alternatively, think about different materials that don’t end up in a landfill when they’ve been discarded. 

Keep an eye on the costs

Obviously, you want the best packaging for your products. With that in mind, it’s unwise to instantly opt for the cheapest materials you can find. This might ruin your product by making it look tacky, and it can also offer zero protection, meaning your items get damaged. However, you also have to keep an eye on the costs as you shouldn’t spend too much on the packaging. Always look at how much money you will gain from each sale. If it reaches a point where you’re making too little because the packaging is too expensive, you’ll have to make adjustments and find a slightly more affordable option. 

With great packaging comes great profits! You will lure in customers with your excellent packaging design, and the materials you choose will play a huge role as well. Remember, attractive packaging is just one aspect – you need something cost-effective, practical, and easy for your customers to dispose of.