X-Raying the Corporate Structure

Without coming across as the ultimate advocate for the capitalism system, particularly the more divisive side, it must be proclaimed that money rules our lives. If you were to stop any person right now and randomly ask them where they’re going, almost 100% of the time their answer will have something to do with the pursuit of money. Either they’re going to work or some other place which forms part of what they do to earn a living, or they’re coming from that place of work to perhaps go and relax or recharge their batteries so that they can get back to the grind soon.

Sometimes the people you would stop would be on the job, such as a driver working their delivery job, or perhaps even someone like a businessperson heading to their next business meeting. So there is no downplaying the importance of the impact of money on our lives, but there are clever ways of facilitating the relationship we all have with money.

Perhaps unknowingly so in some instances, some of the most financially successful individuals apply some traits which almost always guarantee they have a good relationship with money, while those who are in a constant struggle do the exact opposite – most likely unknowingly as well. So what it comes down to is examining the relationships you have with other cogs in the system, which are the people who form part of your network. This includes your professional and personal network as the lines between those two networks are often blurred to the point that they perhaps shouldn’t even exist.

People who have the most meaningful relationships with the people in their networks are more financially successful as there exists a directly proportional relationship between money and your relationships. Just to make a very simple example, let’s say you’re completely down and out or you’re going through a particularly difficult time in your life, financially. Based on the relationships you have, you can either borrow some money to get you through the tough times or you can get some people to perhaps fund a business venture you might have planned.

If you know people who could refer you to a good legal firm then they could perhaps land you a tax refund as a result of fighting the IRS on your behalf, for instance.

What it all comes down to is applying the X-ray on the traditional corporate structure, looking beyond what is essentially a legal shell and then merely realising that what you’re really dealing with are just some individuals with titles. You’re dealing with people, who at the fundamental level are individuals just like you.

This is where you should look in your construction of meaningful relationships to create your network, a network which just by virtue of its existence can really come into effect to help you through the hardest of times and a network which just by virtue of its existence can catapult you to some great heights as far as financial success goes.

So keep in mind that even in the toughest of business environments, ultimately it’s people who you’re dealing with.