Why You Should Market Your Trade Show Attendance Online

Typically, company executives see trade shows as in-person events, distinct from their other advertising channels. They are a welcome break from the PPC and SEO that dominates most company online advertising strategies. 

The idea of marketing a trade show, therefore, seems a little strange when you first encounter the concept. Going to an exhibition IS a form of marketing, so why market it?

It all comes back to amplification. Your marketing channels aren’t entirely separate. Instead, they’re interrelated. The more you build links, the better each will perform individually. Trade shows are an excellent example of this phenomenon in action. 

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The ideal trade show goes something like this: you set up a stall, create an enticing display, and then attract hundreds of delegates at the exhibition center, many of whom sign up to buy. 

Getting to that stage, however, doesn’t usually happen by chance. Instead, it is often the result of meticulous planning and attention to detail. Advertising that you’re going to be at a tradeshow online is one of the best ways to drum up interest on the day itself. 

So why should you market your trade show online? 

Reasons #1: Get A Return On Your Investment 

Even if you have one of the best trade show displays at the exhibition, it won’t count for much if people don’t already know you’re going to be there. Marketing the fact that you will be in attendance, therefore, is an ideal way to make sure that you get enough passing traffic to justify your presence at the event.

Trade shows will usually charge a fee for participants to attend. Going there on a whim and hoping for the best probably isn’t such a good idea. 

Reason #2: It Improves Engagement

Even if people see their stall, they might not engage with it, especially if they don’t know what you’re about. Marketing your booth ahead of time, therefore, is a great way to boost engagement. You want to get people pumped about attending your stand by offering them some type of reward they can’t refuse. 

The incentive you choose depends heavily on your primary business model. Food companies might want to put on a chef-led masterclass. Firms selling makeup might want to put on free tutorials on how to use their products optimally. 

You get the drill – you tell people about the benefits of finding your trade show stand ahead of time to give them time to get excited about it. 

Reason #3: It Boosts Conversion

Taking a customer from passing interest to full-blown sale in a single interaction is a massive challenge. But that is precisely what most companies try to do at tradeshows. They use salespeople to collect people up and sell to them. 

This practice, however, goes against widely accepted sales strategies. The best approach is usually to introduce a person to a product and then slowly build their interest over time. 

Marketing your stall in advance, therefore, is a perfect way to do this. Your digital marketing can take care of the “awareness stage” of the process. And then when people arrive at the show, they’re ready to convert.