Where Are The Blind Spots In Your Commercial Operation?

The problem with a blind spot is that you can’t see it. It’s not as if a blind spot were a hole in the ground, begging to be filled in for safety purposes. A blind spot is present without you knowing about it, that’s why it’s blind. It’s also why when a truck driver has to manage the blind spot of their vehicle, they have to act as if there is always a car there, just in case, and give ample signaling room before switching lanes. Moreover, the truck itself will often notify drivers that they cannot be seen in a given area.

So, how can you fix something you cannot see? After all, you have to be aware of an issue in your blind spot before you focus on addressing it, right? How is that achieved? Well, luckily, you don’t have to keep your eyes in the back of your proverbial business head. You just have to integrate systems to help you check up on systems and processes that might not be working in your favor, and catch issues early before they become a problem.

So, let’s consider how you might go about such a task:


Unless you’re skilled and technically qualified in cybersecurity, it’s easy to grow security blind spots without realizing it. After all, skilled hackers and data thieves’ entire set of skills are focused on finding vulnerabilities that have been overlooked thus far. For this reason, using cybersecurity audit services that can inspect your systems, manage comprehensive security reviews, and make or implement recommendations/changes is worthwhile. This way, you don’t have to constantly worry if a vulnerability is there or a patch is outdated – the experts will focus on that for you.

Assess Customer Feedback Systems

Imagine you’re walking along the street and you reach into your pocket for a pack of tissues to sneeze into. You don’t realize it, but your wallet falls out onto the ground. You might continue on, if it weren’t for another good citizen warning you, and pointing out your loss. It’s not easy to hear you made a mistake or an accident happened, but it’s highly important. As such, focusing on your bad customer feedback, while never comfortable, is highly instructive. You can view the veracity of each complaint, but at the very least it gives you somewhere to look. If your customers don’t have that space to reach out, you may never hear it. Remember, some businesses might even disregard “undue” criticism, but that only harms their own approach.

Manage Accountability

Several layers of accountability will allow you to ensure not only that disciplinary measures are applied, but those innocent of difficulties are not unduly targeted. For example, if you notice items in your stock room are going missing, a sign-in/sign-out keycard lock could help you avoid theft without traceability.This might also go for working appropriate hours, contributing to a team, making sure security is correctly vetted, and that safety equipment is properly cared for and reported on. That way hidden difficulties won’t carry on for too long, because it’ll be clear where they emanate from.

With this advice, you’ll be sure to manage the best blind spots even in your commercial operation.