What’s the best investment you could make for your beauty salon this year?

The annual combination of wonder, worry, opportunity and chance is upon us again. Beauty salon owners nationwide are reflecting on the year that passed and the one to come.

Trying to anticipate the best move to make isn’t easy, so here are a few ideas to get you started when you want to decide where to invest your money in the next 12 months.

Equipment and technology

You’ve probably already got several ideas in mind when it comes to new services that could give your salon a boost. From different Face treatments with innovative technology to new treatments with organic materials, there are so many services you could offer. Naturally, however, this can mean a massive outlay with no guarantees of a return, while you might require new staff, training and even space.

Take a look at what the other salons in your area are doing, and look for a gap in the market that an investment in some new equipment could fill. Glamour magazine, for instance, predicts that 4D mapping and lip lifts will take off in 2019.

Training and qualifications

While you might not be looking to offer something so invasive, not to mention expensive, a more guaranteed investment may already be within your grasp. Could spending a little time and money on becoming qualified to provide a new treatment work for you or your staff?

While it will always be the quality of the treatment itself that keeps your customers coming back, a new, accredited skill could be what nudges them through the door for the first time. Again, look at what your competitors are doing – and not doing – and decide if you already have someone suitably ambitious to provide the treatment.

Administration and accounting

Found yourself doing a lot more of this yourself when you’d rather be more focused on running the salon? This doesn’t have to mean hiring someone with different skills; you could instead streamline things like your booking and ordering processes and payroll and get the right cover in place for your beauty salon.

Try replacing any paperwork with a cost-effective digital application, which you can manage on any device, and look into taking out beauty salon insurance to ensure you have the right cover now – and each time you provide a new service.

Eco-friendly products and packing

Elle reports that more than one-quarter of consumers would prefer products made without plastic. Subsequently, “beauty players will be under growing pressure to place sustainability at the heart of not only their brand, but the product too“.

While you can’t be expected to transform your entire business into an eco-friendly environment immediately, think about what you could do to conform to this growing trend. As well as being good for the environment, it can be useful PR at the same time. This brings us nicely to…

Marketing and promotion

Like with all beauty salons, many of your clients are going to return to you time and time again. Of course, they’ll also tell their friends and family about your exceptional service, sending more people through your doors. Still, would you like a few more to follow them?

Investing in some print or digital advertising this year could be the solution. Not only will this help you to stand out from the competition, it gives you the chance to see your salon as a brand – making it vibrant, consistent and engaging – while sending it straight into the eyes and minds of a new audience.