What Are Customers Missing From Your Website?

When a customer visits your website, there’s a chance they’re missing out on something. Your site works, of course, but it’s not reached its full potential yet and people are starting to notice! So now’s the time to go back through and see if something crucial is missing; the devil is very much in the details with website design. And to help you spot a gap or two, we’ve listed some of the most forgotten about elements below. 

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

Fresh, Interesting Content

If your website is clearly out of date, visitors aren’t going to stick around to find out more. Nothing has been posted in the past year, no product reviews are recent, and there’s just nothing trustworthy about what you do. And that’s a disaster for business! 

It’s time to update. An advertising agency would target your on-site content first of all. The copy you provide for product pages – is it good enough to retain someone’s attention? However, before taking it to these professionals, you need to give your site a fresh look, redesign the layout, and start working on that blog a little more often. If you do not know how to redesign your website, look at some online sources that can help you get an idea of how to create a design that is engaging to look at. Tutorials from YouTube channels like CreateWPSite (youtube.com/@createwpsite) or similar others can help with that.  

A Chance to Learn More

A lot of website content can be vague, and even in-your-face about what they sell. Sure, that’s the purpose of a targeted website in the first place, but not everyone who clicks through is ready to buy. You’re here to convert them into paying customers. 

This is another reason to boost your blog, and even provide how-to guides and opinion pieces. When you’re able to give customers true value, they’ll find your website incredibly useful. Not only is it a place to shop for products they like, but it’s informative as well. Combining these two sides of the commerce equation makes your website the place to be! 

Reviews and In Depth Testimonials

If a customer leaves a review, post it on the website for all to see. It’s incredibly comforting to see what other customers think during the buying process, which is one of the main reasons people choose to shop in the first place. If someone just like them loved the product you provided, it’s likely they will too. 

Around 60-90% of customers use online reviews and testimonials to help them decide if they’ll buy every time they shop, so if you’re not showcasing previous customer thoughts, you could be losing out on a whole heap of business. Use follow up emails to get some feedback and make it easy for shoppers to leave their thoughts for your use. 

Contact Information

It’s such a little thing to leave off the list but this element has the most impact. If someone has no way to contact you regarding your website or your products, they’re not going to buy. And if they can’t get in contact after a sale, they’re going to file a dispute and potentially even take legal action. Stop this snowball in its tracks and clearly give out an email and a phone number. 

Your customers expect more from your website; don’t disappoint them!