Two Elements That Make Running A Business So Tiring

Building a business from the ground up often takes everything you have. Primarily, all of your time and energy, even when you’ve got a job to still go to and a family to look after! Your sense of work/life balance will go down the drain, and there’s little to no return to make use of – well, at least until you start turning a proper profit in a year’s time. 

However, if you want to expand your business one day, you’re going to need a lot of energy to manage it. That’s why you should get a grip on the most energy draining elements of business ownership as early on as possible. Here are a couple of the worst to focus on. 

Feeling Like You Need to Be Reachable 24/7

If you’ve always got your work phone in hand and your email inbox is always at the top of the notification list, there’s a strong chance you don’t like feeling out of the loop. You feel like you need to be reachable 24/7, just in case something goes wrong at work or there’s a prime networking opportunity you need to jump on. 

However, this is no way to live! You’re going to be on edge with anxiety at all times, with every single ping from your phone dictating what you do next and how long you take to do it. It’s why so many people turn their work phones off once the clock hits 5pm and it’s the end of the day. You can try doing the same, even if it makes you uncomfortable at first. 

Prioritizing the Professional Over the Personal

Being a business owner makes you feel a lot like it’s the one thing that matters in life. You’ve got a lot to keep up with – attracting new leads, locking down sales, keeping stringent records, running a full social media profile – and that takes most of the time out of the day. 

There’s nothing left to devote to the other side of life, where things are more personal, and theoretically, a lot more fun! So, you need to relax right now, maybe buy Indica & Sativa THC, put your feet up, and order a takeaway to enjoy with a friend. 

Carving out at least two hours at the end of each day to be yourself in will prevent you from becoming burnt out. You can still prioritise the business, but you won’t be tracking it round the clock, no matter what else you have to sacrifice. You can then take your 120 minutes and use them wisely in pursuit of your social life, love life, and any other responsibilities and/or hobbies that matter to you. 

Running a business is tiring, even when you have a good grasp on the balance between the personal and the professional. However, those with a healthy home life on top of a busy work life always come out the most fulfilled. Join their ranks with pre preparation.