Top 10 Best Finance Blogs

Being smart about finances is such an important aspect of what we do as business people. And in the world of finances knowledge is power.
Whether you Click here to invest in crypto or want to invest in real estate, you need to know the latest news and current trends in the market. Otherwise, you could hit a dip and lose your investment. If you’re looking to be better with your money or for the best way to finance your business, you need the right skills and tips to get you through.
It’s for matters like these that I’m constantly reading up on the latest blogs and articles to gain new knowledge. I thought it would be helpful for those like me to share them. So without further ado, here are the top 10 financial blogs to follow.

Money Under 30 (

This blog is an incredible resource when it comes to everything personal finance. It was founded by David Weliver in 2006, and covers topics such as credit, debt, home buying, and investing.

The Penny Hoarder (

The Penny Hoarder covers most things personal finance by sharing relatable stories, job opportunities, and advice pieces. It is ranked Number 1 as the fastest growing private media company in 2017 by Inc. 5000. They also have a college scholarship as well as periodic giveaways.

Disease Called Debt (

This blog began with the creator’s personal debt story, in which both she and her husband’s debt became unbearable and they needed help to get out of it. They shared their story, and now the blog is dedicated to articles about getting out of debt, staying out of debt, and building a good financial foundation for yourself.

Budgets are Sexy (

Founded by “J. Money”, this blog has a very casual, relatable tone, especially for the younger crowd. However, adults of all ages will appreciate the articles posted on the site because it covers topics like debt, net worth (J. Money tracks and shares his), advice on how to save up for retirement (wherein one might need to opt for independent living services or medical attention), and contributions from other bloggers.

Monster Piggy Bank (

This site is run by a man named Glen, who is passionate about getting out of debt and saving money. His blog is all about helping others do the same, along with some entrepreneurial content and advice. This blog is an interesting read for anyone who struggles to save, from giving the smaller saving tips (such as like making sure to use coupon codes such as those at Raise – check it out) to explaining debt and how to get out of it.

Money Talks News (

This powerhouse site is an excellent resource for anything business or finance, personal or entrepreneurial, advice or opinion. It has a team of writers that cover all topics related to money and news surrounding it. Check in on this site to stay up to date on anything and everything finance.

Good Financial Cents (

This wholesome blog was founded by a man named Jeff Rose, who is a certified financial planner, author of the bestselling book Soldier of Finance, and the CEO of his own wealth management firm. His blog centers around what he calls “The Money Uprising Movement”, which is essentially the idea of taking charge over your finances and sharing that with the world. Check out this blog for inspiration and encouragement to start your own business and gain control over your financial life. This could also help you if you are planning to start or already own a financial organization as well, as there are plenty of useful tips on how to efficiently manage your clients’ financial portfolios and also make use of digital tools such as LeadJig to grow your business further.

Get Rich Slowly (

This site was founded by J.D. Roth, a man who considers himself a “regular guy who has learned a lot about money through the school of hard knocks”. He posts advice about getting out of debt, buying a house, how to plan for early retirement, etc. He is relatable and his posts are very informative and accessible for the regular person who isn’t looking to buy into a “get rich quick” scheme. His blog is all about genuinely helping people take charge of their financial lives.

SmartAsset (

SmartAsset is a financial technological company. Their blog contains tools and tips to help you navigate through your finances, with calculators to help you calculate different types of taxes, retirement options, and mortgages. It also provides easy to read guides to credit cards, banking, and retirement. If you are looking for a resource to wade through the fog and really get to know the fundamentals of how to handle your money and be in charge of where it goes, this site is a must visit.

The Diary of a Frugal Family (

This website is off the beaten path from the rest of the list. It is a blog written by the mother of two, sharing how she and her husband stay frugal while maintaining a good quality of life. It’s very personal, unique, and sweet. However, don’t let this make you think it’s not an impactful blog. It won the best lifestyle blog at the UK Money Bloggers Blog awards and has thousands of followers on social media. Cass (the owner and writer of the blog) shares frugal recipes as well as lists such as “50 Ways to Save”, and even provides a free monthly budget planner you can use. If you’re looking to live frugally or just want simple, cheap recipes for chocolate cupcakes, check out this site!

Every single one of these blogs is valuable to me in their own way, and I visit each of them often to keep up with financial news, tips, tricks, and advice. I’m sure I’ve left out many other important blogs pertaining to this topic, however these are the ones that stick out to me the most. Feel free to check them out, subscribe, and get to reading!