Tools Every Remotely Operated Business Needs

We live in an age where there are businesses coming into existence purely as remotely-run operations, but be that as it may, it doesn’t mean it’s as easy as deciding to start a remote business and you’re on your way to a resounding success. There’s still a method to all the madness, the very basics of which method come in the form of some tools you’d need to make up the bare essentials.

A website

It’s amazing how many budding businesspersons overlook a mere website as a bare essential of running a remote business. This is a requirement for any business which is operational in this day and age, but crucially so in the case of a remote one. Fortunately these days getting your own website can be as easy as organizing a monthly web hosting service, purchasing a domain name and playing around with the elements of a CMS (Content Management System) template from the likes of WordPress.

The important bit is that your website delivers information about your operation in addition to displaying your contact information.

Online document editing and sharing facility

Even the most automated of remotely run businesses need some human staff running key components behind the scenes, which means you’ll need an online document editing and sharing facility to record and store all the important collaborations. There are plenty such solutions available which start at $0 and incur costs that rise proportionately to your growing needs. Google Docs is emerging as the preferred solution, with some great record-keeping and live editing facilities in the like of Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheets and simple folder storage and organization.

It gets better with the likes of Google Docs since there are time-stamped records of any and all editing done and it really isn’t expensive at all.

Video-calling software solution

There will be some instances in which your network of globally based employees and key collaborators will need to get together in more of a traditional conversational sense, so you’ll need video calling software which can be accessed and used by all involved. Skype is a great option, especially since it’s free and you can use a number of add-ons to record sessions if needs be.

There will also definitely be some instances in which clients and prospective clients would need the visual reassurance of dealing with an animated human face, so this should definitely be something to add to your set of basic tools.

Cloud-based data storage and back-up facility

Cloud-based data storage and back-up facilities allow everybody involved in the operation of your remote business to access important information instantly, but it also acts as somewhat of a public ledger/repository system to allow you to keep track of where you all are with your projects. Dropbox is a popular choice, but then again so is Google Docs which can perhaps be used as an extension of your online document storage and editing facility.

A permanent office address location

The greatest advantage of operating remotely with your business is that you can be location-independent, but you’ll at least need a registered business base. Use your residential address.