This Is How To Manage A Remote Team Successfully

Due to the varying states of lockdown that a lot of the globe has been in, there are a wealth of people that have been thrown in the deep end when it comes to managing a remote team successfully. The good news is that even if you are a newbie when it comes to managing a team of remote workers, you can do it victoriously. In fact, all you need to do is follow the suggestions below. 

Equip them for productivity 

Number one on the list of things you need to do is to make sure that all of your employees have what they need to be able to successfully and productively work from home. Primarily this means two things: a computer with access to the internet and the technological infrastructure that will allow your employees to access your business’s systems from home. 

Happily, the first issue isn’t too hard to solve at all. After all, if your employees haven’t got their own machine that they can use for work, providing them with a laptop is pretty straight forward. 

Of course, ensuring you have the infrastructure that will allow them to work as they do in an office environment can be a bit more tricky. Especially if your expertise doesn’t lie within the area of IT. 

The good news is that by working with a professional IT Solutions provider, you can get this part of the puzzle solved quickly and efficiently. In fact, the best providers will offer you a range of remote working options from Google apps to Microsoft 365. Something that means you can fit the best fit for your business to carry on even if your offices are closed. 

Communicate the right amount 

Communication is also essential when it comes to managing a remote team successfully. However, do remember that it can be a bit of a goldilocks situation. That is too much communication can be harmful. This is because it’s using up all your employee’s time, rather than focusing on the tasks in hand. 

Similarly, too little communication for a remote team can make people feel isolated and that they lack guidance. Something that isn’t great for productivity either. With that in mind, making sure you have ways to communicate quickly and easily if problems arise is vital. 

You may also wish to have one single group touchpoint communication, such as a video call in the day. This being something that can help employees feel integrated into a team even when working remotely. 

Be mindful of security issues

Finally, when it comes to successfully managing a remote team, do not forget about the importance of security. After all, employees will not be using your secure business network, but their own personal one. In fact, many employees may end up using their own personal computers, which they could share with other members of their family. 

Having the right kind of security system and data protection software is even more crucial when most of the employees are working remotely. Hence, one could make use of an active directory service that could sort all of the necessary information that is required. This is where active directory reporting plays a huge role. These reports could help analyze if there’s something wrong with the security systems and give a close look into the AD environment.

With that in mind, it is imperative to have robust remote security working policies in place. This should also be reinforced with thorough training and regular reminders for those working remotely.