The Job Seeking Tips You Need In 2020

You’re not alone if you feel like 2020 is a tough year for job seekers. Not to worry, there are plenty of opportunities out there, you’ve just gotta put in a little more leg work to access them. While you’re working hard at your laptop to update your new resume, keep these four pointers in mind.

1. Create a personal brand

No matter which industry you work in, personal branding can help you to establish your professional presence within your sector. Start by creating professional social media profiles, using these as a tool to showcase your brand. The next step is to create a professional website, including a blog about your field and your career. Teach yourself some simple SEO to gain your website some attention. Don’t forget to plug your blog posts on your social media pages. If you’re not sure how to get started,  it’s a wise move to read the top blogs in your sector for inspiration.

2. Consider AI

Many companies have begun using AI in the hiring process. It’s useful to keep this in mind when you are rewriting your resume and cover letters. It’s a good idea to match your resume closely to the job description, focusing on the same keywords and phrases. At present AI is only a small part of the application process, however it’s likely that this may change as time goes by.

3.  Networking is crucial 

According to Review 42, ‘84 % of positions are filled by networking’. What’s more, 70 % of individuals find roles by connections within their current organization. With stats like these, you can easily see how networking is crucial to success. Many professionals choose to do their online networking on LinkedIn, and it is a great platform to do so. For other online networking alternatives try platforms including Bizzabo, Let’s Lunch or Shapr. Of course, there’s no replacement for in- person networking, so it’s advisable to get to events when you can. Depending on your sector, you’ll find events in different places, but one general place you can look is Meetup.

4. Industry specific websites

It’s important to look at industry specific agencies or websites (if available). Doing so will save you a whole lot of time when you are job searching. During this current pandemic, many job seekers may prefer remote jobs. To search for remote roles try sites such as ‘Skip the Drive’ or ‘Remotely’. Professional truck drivers looking for work can search truck driving jobs at Knight Transportation.

Long term job seeking 

When you’re looking for a new role, it’s important to not be too over critical. Competition is vast right now, and so it’s okay if it takes a little longer than you planned. In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to keep on learning. Take it upon yourself to study industry related topics using books, documentaries and webinars. Take advantage of free courses online using tools such as Ailson or Khan Academy. If you are currently out of work, applying for freelancing gigs can be a great way to earn some money while you keep searching.