Streamlining Your Recruitment Post Pandemic

In these tough times of pandemic, it is difficult to find employees for your company. So streamlining your recruitment post-pandemic has become very important.  While putting out openings, the companies must make the candidates believe that they are in a safe environment.

We have no idea when this pandemic will end and therefore, this time must be utilized to streamline the recruitment. The recruitment process ideally depends on the type of organisation. There are various aspects to consider like social Media, LinkedIn, internal recruitment or hiring a specialist.

Social Media

A company needs to take care of its social media image. In these times where the whole world is on social media, you can take this opportunity to promote your brand. People sometimes judge a company by their social media posts. Silver Swan, a private household staff recruitment agency, with many years in the luxury sector, know how much a company’s social media output can affect what candidates they can attract. With social media being so accessible these days it’s essential businesses big or small put out the right impression.

You can upload the pictures of the fun activities and celebrations at the company. Such events create a positive image of the organisation and develop confidence in the mind of the candidate.


LinkedIn is a platform developed to make professional connections. It is a great social media platform to build your professional profile. You can make connections based on your designation, company, a field of work and educational institution.

LinkedIn also provides a facility to put out vacancies. The vacancies are put in such a way that the candidate who is genuinely looking for a job, benefits from it. Moreover, LinkedIn is a very reliable source to find employees.

Internal Recruitment

When looking for employees, you tend to try every option that comes in the mind. One thing you can rely on existing employees who already know the company to step into new positions.

The prospective candidate would already be aware of the work, which helps him make a quick decision. By hiring a person who is already connected with the business can prove to be beneficial as it may mean someone is integrated quicker into the job and don’t take up another salary on the books.

Hire a Specialist

Sometimes companies also hire recruitment agencies to find out suitable candidates. The recruitment agencies help you to save time and lead to better candidate retention.  They already have a list of candidates according to the specific industry requirements. A company simply needs to give them details about the requirements. For example, when tech companies need electronic systems engineers, instead of trying to find them themselves, they simply go to a specialist electronics systems engineer recruitment agency who can manage the whole process for them.

This option is a little expensive. Not every company has the capital to hire such agencies, especially in this pandemic when the markets are low. The recruitment agencies train the candidates and then present them to the company. 

Concluding Thoughts

We think if your company has the capital to hire a recruitment agency, it is the best option. Other than that LinkedIn provides genuine candidates and also is a low-cost option to hire deserving employees. You should always opt for an option that is comfortable to carry out.

This article was aimed to help you in streamlining your recruitment post-pandemic. We hope you find the information provided in this write-up, useful and it helps you to recruit efficiently.

Infographic created by Clover Network, a POS system provider