How Social Media is Shaping The Events Industry

Social media is probably one of the most influential assets when it comes to the event industry. From being ultimately free to having unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of potential attendees, if done right, social media is a key marketing tool for events.

The Social Media Giants

There are three main social media platforms that have stood the test of time and become an integral part of our everyday lives. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are leading the way in terms of social communication and business are becoming better and better at maximising on the platform and building a highly engaged audience.

Facebook is the original of the current social media giants, having established in 2004 and grown exponentially since. Facebook is a fantastic, personal platform that is used by for both business and individual user use which provides a great mix of company and friend updates.

Twitter is often seen as the more laidback of the social media sites. It is often funny and witty but also a key place for customer service, event promotion and information.Twitter is used by approximately 270 million people around the world and it is estimated that around 3% of Twitter users will buy from brands they follow. So it is no surprise that Twitter is a powerful resource when it comes to marketing and promotional activity. One of the best ways to use this site for promotional event marketing is to create a hashtag that can be used to advertise your product. This is especially effective if it is used alongside a stunt, such as hiring a promotional food truck, for example, which can create some excitement around your product.

Instagram is the final big start of the social media world. The photo-sharing platform has evolved massively since it was first introduced and is now owned by Facebook. Instagram have introduced photo-filtering, stories and Instagram business facilities to really help businesses capitalise on their audience.The best way to promote your event is to showcase just how good it is, and what better way is there to do that then on Instagram? This will occur naturally if you’re updating your page enough so keep at it and the follows and likes will come. You could also take help from Instagram growth services like Growthoid, ( for escalating the number of your followers. More real engagement and followers can help your business to reach a larger audience than you expected.

Social Media & the Events Industry

Digital marketing is taking over from traditional marketing methods and social media sits right in there at the top of the list. For event organisers such as bars, restaurants and clubs, their reputation is key to surviving and having an event that succeeds is crucial to that. Publishing your event on Facebook and to other social media platforms will immediately alert those who are fans of your page. Event organisers need to fill their event profile with as much detail as possible, themes, dress codes, even drink offers and so on to really get people excited.

The aim of your Facebook event is to not only inform people but also build some traction for the event. You want as many people to click ‘going’ or ‘interested’ as possible as this will encourage more people to attend and it will also naturally bump you up in Facebook’s algorithm. Social media is a fantastic tool for the events industry if it is used in the right manner so make sure you do your research to make the most out of your social media event.

Social Media & the Events Industry

Selling More Tickets to Your Event

If you’re struggling to get the numbers you had hoped for your event, then there are other tactics you can use to help boost sales and awareness of your event. You can take out paid advertising on sites such as Facebook to get your content and event seen by even more people, who you have specifically chosen to target. Many event organisers use email marketing to bring awareness to an event, simply sending out an email telling everyone about the event will increase awareness and hopefully have a direct impact on event ticket sales. And many others also tend to rely on digital solutions offered by firms like WebEnertia and similar others. They optimize their strategies and data-driven solutions to deliver the expected results, that is to garner maximum attention to the event.

Another methods many event organisers are using is to buy genuine Facebook event attendees. This is a relatively new method which has the purpose of making your event appear more popular which will, therefore, encourage others to engage, read about your event and eventually attend your event. Herd behaviour has been proven and highlights how people follow the crowd, so if a Facebook event has an attendee list of 500+ people, others are much more likely to also attend based on the fact they think it’s a really popular event and they don’t want to miss out. LikeChimp is the UK’s leading company selling genuine Facebook event attendees, allowing you to customise your order to ensure you get the highest quality attendees, which ultimately ensures the highest impact.

Social Media & the Events Industry

How Competition is Becoming More Fierce

The competition has never been greater in the nightlife and event industry. It can be hard to stand out amongst the crowd and have an impact on your audience. That is why it is crucial you get your social media right and ensure your events are getting as much exposure, to right audience as possible. There is no doubt that social media is shaping the event industry and in order to keep up, you really need to stay on trend and market yourself right.