Signs Your Business Needs An IT Company

Welcoming technology is crucial to your business’ success. North American companies spend $686 billion a year on information technology, according to Insight, while only 27 percent of small businesses do not have IT support. This is concerning. As your company integrates more and more technology into your business operations, help from an IT professional company becomes a necessity. Here are some signs that can help you decide if you need an IT company to alleviate your business’ technology stress.

Security Issues

Your business has to remain secure, especially if you are handling sensitive information and data. If your technology systems are always under attack by hackers and cybercriminals, you really need to look into hiring an IT company to help you protect your company’s information. Managed IT service providers, like Athens Micro, can monitor your systems making sure your cybersecurity is not breached.

Troubleshooting IT Issues Are Becoming Time Consuming

You should be only be focused on running your business. Constantly having to troubleshoot your IT issues takes away from running your business. Outsourcing this task will free up your time. An IT service provider, like Treasure Valley IT network management in Middleton, can ensure your technology is running smoothly while also performing tasks that can prevent your technology from malfunctioning in the first place. When you technology is running smoothly, your productivity is not halted and you can keep your company running.

Your Technology Is Outdated

Gone are the days of dedicating one air-conditioned room to your company’s servers. This is money down the drain. Switching to a cloud-based technology system is one way to update your technology and make it more cost-efficient. An IT service provider can help guide you through this process.

An Increase In Operation Costs

Business is booming and you are expanding. You have more employees and have moved into a bigger space. Now that you have more employees, you need more space on the servers and user licenses for software, and a slew of other technology costs. This is another sign that you need an IT company to take over the reins. It might have been more cost-efficient to employ a full-time IT professional at first, but with an expanded company hiring an IT company to handle mishaps is the way to go. You will only be contacting them when you need them, making it less expensive than having a full-time employee on the payroll.

IT Issues Are Becoming More Complicated

As your business is growing, some IT issues will go beyond the usual troubleshooting. This is very stressful to deal with, especially if it is not your expertise or it goes above your full-time IT professional you have hired. An IT service provider can step in and handle the complicated issues in a timely fashion. Most IT companies are available whenever you need them, so if something arises, they are easily accessible.

Productivity and cybersecurity are most important to keep your business competitive. Hiring a managed IT service provider will grant you all these things and more.