Project Premises: Finding The Perfect Building For Your Business

If business is going well and you’re outgrowing your current premises, chances are you’re on the lookout for the perfect new spot to move to. Perhaps you need something bigger, more specialised or maybe you want to ditch renting and purchase a building instead?

Certain commercial projects require a high degree of personalization internally as well as externally to offer practicality, functionality, and convenience to your workers. This is especially in the context of projects that require you to demolish a building and start from scratch. In order to ensure standard and quality construction of a building, maintaining a network of commercial exterior and Interior Contracting professionals is necessary in addition to utilizing the services of a reliable architect and engineer.

Regardless of the route you take, here are some things to bear in mind when searching for your new business premises.


The location you choose will depend on the kind of business you own. If you’re highly dependent on foot traffic, then a location such as a busy highstreet will be your best bet, even if the rent is significantly more. If you’re more office based, B2B or just don’t have clients or customers come to your premises then you could look a little further out. You’ll get more space for your money that way, although you’ll still need to consider things like transport links for your employees.


Bigger buildings will generally cost more money and be more expensive to run due to higher utility costs, so it’s worth getting the size right. Think about your needs both now and in the future, if you plan on expanding further then getting something bigger will enable you to do this without having to move again. But you don’t want to go so big that you end up with lots of usused space and areas. Ensure you have space outside for staff parking, and find out if you’re able to extend the building later down the line if you need to.


Burglars like to target business premises as they tend to be full of high value equipment and things like data too which can be taken and resold and used for fraud purposes. Consider security from the get-go, find out what the area is like. Consider adding a variety of security measures, from lockable window shutters to security cameras, burglar alarms and more. You could issue employees with ID passes, and install a car barrier system to prevent unwanted vehicles accessing your car park and premises. Good lighting can help to prevent crime too, so ensure you have things like floodlights set up around your building and car parking areas. Even the roof needs to be considered, some criminals have been known to enter commercial buildings this way. Speak to a company offering commercial roofing solutions and find out what you can do from a security perspective to keep the bad guys out.

Social Areas

When you’re setting up the space inside the building, don’t forget to to incorporate social and relaxation areas. This could be anything from a small kitchenette and lounge, to a large canteen depending on the size of your business. Employees need somewhere comfortable to sit during breaks and before their shift starts. Providing this means employees are less likely to leave the premises at lunch and break times and decrease the chance of late returns. So consider the layout of the internal rooms when you’re building or buying your premises,