What Kind of Company Culture Should You Build?

A company must be run on values and ideals. While it is okay to focus on cash flows, profit statements and creating the most sustainable balance sheets, it is important to pay attention to the company’s culture as well. This includes the way you treat your employees, how you communicate with them and what kind of behavior you want to encourage at the workplace.

Here is the ideal workplace culture and the choices you have while creating a favorable company environment.

The dress codes

Many new startups in the west are finally opting for informal dress codes. People come dressed in decent informal clothes that are designed per their comfort. This helps them get rid of the old suit and tie routine, giving them more space to relax and helping them focus better. In the UK, we have been obsessed with formal wear for too long. It was not just dressy but also bulky and sometimes, not the best attire to work in. How comfortable your employees feel is an important part of the work culture.

The style of communication

There should always be an organizational hierarchy that helps people in communicating better. If your employees have a certain suggestion or an issue, it should reach you as soon as possible. Waiting for days to resolve the issue will only make you lose money due to low productivity and this is a bad business practice as well. Create an open communication network in the business and ensure that grievances reach to you or to a concerned authority as soon as they can. This will help in developing transparency. Also, all decisions must be intimidated to the concerned employees in time.

The work reward system

Most employees are known to quit on their managers. It is a well-known fact that several employees remain completely dissatisfied with their immediate managers. Whether it is favoritism or some other issues, loyal and hardworking employees may not always be rewarded adequately. This makes them feel underappreciated in your company and they eventually leave. Such scenarios are very common in all business- whether small or large.

It is important to check how your business evaluates the employees. You must know whether the employees are productive or not. Also, you must know whether they are getting what they deserve. Keeping the employees happy will go a long way. Even if a promotion is not due for the next few months, even simple appreciation and acknowledgement of the good work they have done helps a lot.

Ensure that your employees get enough leaves and they get to maintain the delicate work-life balance as well. Taking care of these aspects will help in creating a company that attracts good talent spontaneously.

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