Investments You Can Make That Aren’t Stocks

It is no secret that you want your money to work harder for you. When you retire, ideally there will be a nest egg there waiting for you. 

But that doesn’t just happen. It takes time to build up your money, and learn where to put it – because even the smallest investments can pay big if you are smart about it. 

Not everyone loves the idea of stocks, though. 

Luckily there are so many different investments you can make that aren’t stocks! However, if you’re someone who likes the idea of getting involved in the stock market, there’s plenty of advice online for doing so effectively. German speakers may want to check out diesem Artikel to get themselves acquainted with the ins and outs of trading.

Diamonds and Gold

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they hold value incredibly well. Gold, silver, and other precious metals will rise and fall in value with the dollar. This means the amount you have will vary in price. 

You can build up your gold stocks over time by buying smaller pieces. Something particularly exciting about investing in gold and precious metals is that you can find some obscure pieces of jewellery that are also worth a fortune. The Estate Sale Company has a wide range of options to help you find some gems. 


This comes under toys, artwork, stamps and coins. Things that can be collected in bulk, and added into a larger collection. You might need to do some research before you embark on a big collection, but most of the time, a passion for the item and a niche will give you plenty to work from. 

You’ll need to work out the supply and demand for each item that you are looking for and be able to tell the difference between a replica and the real deal. 


Ah, it might sound cliche, but you are the best investment that you will ever make. When you take the time to learn what you need to succeed. If you want to move forward in the career you have, then it makes sense to look into classes or formal training to further your knowledge and increase your skills. 

If you want to leave your current career and branch out on something you have built by yourself, then some courses in accounting, time management and business management will be beneficial for you. 


Paying down your debt can be a huge investment in your future. Credit cards and hire purchase items cost an astronomical amount over the years. Most of the time what you are paying off, with just minimum payments, is simply the interest. There are a number of methods that people use to pay down their debts. Some people aim to pay off the ones with the least left on them, others opt to pay off the ones with the highest interest first. Whatever suits your budget is the best here. 

There are many areas of your life that you can invest in, in order to free up cash later in life and increase your opportunities where you currently are. And, while stocks and shares are an enticing prospect, alternative investments can make a significant impact too.