Interesting Business Practices from Around the World

For the most part in the west business is associated with a bunch of very serious characters, characterized in large part by their formal wear and the formal setting in which the meeting would take place. As more and more entrepreneurs are breaking out of the traditional business mould however, they’re finding quite a comfortable place at the heart of some of the many interesting business practices from around the world, many of which will undeniably intrigue you if you’re not already familiar with them.

Meishi Koukan

Business cards may be taking more of a digital form closer to home or in fact losing their importance altogether, but on the other side of the world and all the way in Japan, an entire ritual revolves around the exchanging of business cards before formal business proceedings can commence. The business cards are usually textured and so it would be felt with the fingers and then placed face-up on the table with its contents to be read aloud.

Pre Business Discussion “Blah-Blah”

Made famous by the Swiss Bankers who’ve been portrayed in quite a few movies now, in this nation known for its leading role in various areas of business, prior to the serious business of the day being discussed there should be some small-talk and banter, or “blah-blah” as they so dearly like to refer to it so that there are no misunderstandings. This would normally imply that business is conducted amongst previously acquainted business collaborators.

The Mandatory Gift That Gets Rejected

We go back to the other side of the world with this one, this time dropping in on the boardrooms of China. In many business environments in China it’s customary for one to bring a gift to be offered to whomever you requested to meet with for some business discussions. The odd thing about this ritual is that your gift may get rejected, but only up to three times and the gift is somewhat mandatory as well.

Time Is Not So Much of the Essence

Russia comes into focus as another destination for a very interesting business practice that might even go as far as boggle the mind of anyone who values time and specifically punctuality in their business dealings. In Russia, if a business meeting is set for a certain time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the exact time at which it’s going to start. It means that sometime after that proceedings will officially get underway and this is often just a tactic which is deployed to test the patience of someone they might consider getting into business with.

Mixing Business with Pleasure?

Brazilians are a very affectionate people and this affection doesn’t seem to be limited by the boundaries which are otherwise usually set by a business relationship as opposed to a personal one. Expect a lot of touching and physical contact when discussing business as you would discussing personal or general matters, which comes with an invasion of your personal space if that is indeed something you’ve become accustomed to.