How to Obtain Your Exhibition Rapid Prototype ?

Every detail in the process of product listing involves planning packaging, marketing, channel construction, terminal operation and other links. Exhibition is a marketing strategy. So some manufacturers will consider that hold an exhibition to display the different type of rapid prototypes in order to get better business opportunities and attract more customers.

The importance of exhibiting rapid prototype

  1. Contact with cooperative customers at low cost

According to the survey, the average cost of contacting customers through exhibitions is only 40% of the cost of contacting customers in other ways.Attending exhibitions is the most effective way for companies to reach qualified customers.In this way, a large number of potential customers are met, and the exhibition prototype also brings high-level new customers to the exhibitors.For the products and services of participating companies, 49% of visitors to the show are planning to purchase those products and services.The exhibition is the best opportunity and the best place for exhibitors to show their products or services to potential customers.

  • Less workload and high signing rate

After contacting qualified customers in the exhibition, the subsequent workload is less.According to the survey, the average number of potential customers contacted at the exhibition is only 1.8 calls.In contrast, a typical business sale requires 7.8 calls.Meanwhile, of all orders placed by customers to exhibitors for visiting the exhibition, half do not require personal follow-up visits.Thus saves the time, causes the matter to get twice the result with half the effort.

  • Competitive advantage and competitive analysis

The exhibition provides an opportunity for exhibitors to show their strength in front of competitors.Through professional team, quality service and reasonable quotation, the competitiveness of participating companies can become radiant.Moreover, visitors to the exhibition will take advantage of the opportunity to compare exhibitors.

  • Platform to launch new products or services

Survey visitors at the fair to introduce new products or services and find out what they need in terms of price, function, quality, and service. The Aerospace Machining industry and similar enterprises usually participate in the exhibition so that they can get the attention of the media, and then use the media to get publicity, which will increase their visibility.

Which technology can I choose for rapid prototype?

  1. CNC Machining

(1) Large number of reduce the number of tooling, machining complex shape parts do not need complex tooling. When you want to change the physical shape and size of the parts, you just only need to modify the parts processing procedures so that suitable for new product development and modification.

(2) The processing quality is stable, the processing accuracy is high, the repetition accuracy is high, adapt to the aircraft processing requirements.

(3) Multi-variety, small batch production under the production efficiency is higher, can reduce the production preparation, machine adjustment and process inspection time, and because of the use of the best cutting time and reduce the cutting time.

(4) Can be processed conventional methods difficult to process complex surface, even can process some of the processing parts that cannot be observed.

2. SLA

1. The process is flexible and high, and can complete the parts of very complex structure in one time. Any raw materials such as composites or fiberglass that you may need can be procured from providers like Composites One ( as required.

2. Fast production and machining speed. Within the processing specifications of the equipment, several parts can be processed simultaneously.

3.CAD/CAM seamless connection, CAD data can be directly processed on the machine, without data programming and parts splitting;

4.There is no need to consider the design and use of jig in the process of parts processing.

3. Vacuum Casting

1. Short production cycle with low cost price. There is less waste, and processing costs are much lower than CNC processing and 3D printing.

2. It is applicable to the processing and production of small-batch products. After making an original version, it can be reproduced according to the original version.

3. Good operability in mold making. The soft mold after curing is transparent or translucent, with good tensile strength, easy to cut.

4. Accurate processing rate and reduce mistakes. As long as there is nothing wrong with the original, there is nothing wrong with the copy.

5. High repeatable accuracy. The silica gel used in mold making has good fluidity before curing, which can keep the detailed structure and decoration of the model accurately with vacuum defoaming.

What kinds of surface finish treatments are better to beautify rapid prototype?

We can dress up the rapid prototype through a variety of surface finish, such as aluminum anodized, chrome Plating, brush Finishing and etc. Below list 3 kind of them.

  1. Painting and Primer Finish

Painting is to pass the inspection of qualified products, semi-finished products surface coverage, play a role in rust prevention, anticorrosion, beautiful and beautiful and has the role of signs.Carry on before spray paint, spray model must undertake before treatment, make necessary integral inspection before treatment, make local repair according to craft.The choice of primer is the most important for coating quality.

2. Clear Polishing

Acrylic prototype is one of the common transparent exhibits. Acrylic crystal transparency, light transmittance of more than 92%, soft light, visual clarity, with dye coloring acrylic and a good color effect.

After Acrylic has went through mechanical processing, the edge is a mist while fog surface will affect the appearance. In order to ensure high efficiency and transparency of the acrylic, we not only do something for polishing and polishing cloth round: conventional straight right product, but also use a diamond polishing machine polishing processing. Since diamond polishing machine with high efficiency and accuracy is to put within 120 mm thickness of the product, so most products machined by it can come out 90% of the smooth surface. The other 10% is due to the grain produced in the process of machine processing, so we still need to use cloth wheel and polishing wax for clearing.

Some special-shaped products cannot be polished by machines. They need to be coarsely ground with no. 600 sandpaper and then refined ground with no. 1200 sandpaper. After grinding, the coarse cloth wheel and ash polishing, fine cloth wheel polishing again. Ability comes out 100 % bright light effect, a perfect and immaculate, glittering and translucent the handicraft that get rid of appears before our eyes.

3. Silk Screening

Silk printing is mainly used to print the pattern or text on the product in the way of screen printing, which is just a plan. In CNC handplate processing factory, screen printing is mostly used for the printing of logo or symbols on some small parts. From the development history of design, in addition to designers need to be creative, but also need to promote, screen printing has greatly expanded the expression of art. You can now buy a screen printing machine for small business use and create as many different designs to be printed as you like! Graphic design is the main craft of Silk screen printing process, it strengthens both the breadth and width of the design performance. After merging and changing, screen printing has become one of the most suitable mediums in the form of performance design. On the one hand, the use of graphics and text, on the other hand, visual effect is special and diverse style, takes the concept of design thinking through the form of printing. And with the silk screen printing process, unique stamp and taste in conveying the designer’s idea, also shows the designer’s taste and connotation.

Concluding Remarks

If you have any questions or thoughts about your rapid prototype, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.