How To Network Like A Genuine Hero

Do you ever get tired of networking? Don’t worry, most people do. It can feel like a wholly inauthentic means of presenting yourself to others, especially in a corporate environment where everyone is putting on their best professional face and no one dares to risk the wrong move.

Now, we’re not going to suggest you dive into those environments like a bull in a china shop and make the most noise to “subvert expectations.” But it can be helpful to try something new, and not be afraid to show who you really are and why.

The first step, of course, is to avoid networking events that seem a little too formal or overbearing for you. It’s fine to just head to the business events you care about or are interested in learning from. That way, the tinge of obligation is never really there, putting a dampener on anything good and worthwhile.

From here, you might consider how to network well, and to leave a good impression while cutting through all the nonsense. Let’s consider that:

Use A vCard For Sharing Personal Info

At this point, the whole business card swap routine at networking events can feel pretty darn robotic. You might be bored mechanically passing out those little cardboard rectangles without much thought. So why not use something much more simple, NFC vCards instead? This new approach lets you get a bit more personal and engaging right off the bat, and also shows you as someone who looks to the future and isn’t afraid to adopt a new standard.

Have A Real Goal At Any Event

Aimlessly wandering around an event with nothing to do can feel a little tiring, and making awkward small talk can make you never want to return to this kind of do ever again. But if you have a goal for the event, well, you might connect with even more people. For example, watching certain speakers, talking to them afterward, posing a question, or seeing a couple of product launches and demonstrations could help you learn a touch more about your industry and develop a more cohesive approach as a result. It’ll take a little time to get there, but when you do you’ll thank yourself for it, and it’ll also mean coming home without massive networking success isn’t going to feel like a waste of time.

Share Ideas, Not Necessarily Artificial Personal Connections

Networking doesn’t have to mean forcing personal connections if that’s not really your preference. While meeting new people is nice, don’t feel pressured to engage in small talk or start swapping life stories just for the sake of it. If casual conversation about weekend plans or hobbies isn’t your thing, just stick to talking about your field and the questions being asked by the event! You can totally prioritize the exchange of ideas, insights and perspectives over any obligatory personal bonding attempts that way, and ironically enough, they’re likely to forge better connections with people there. In other words, geek out! You might give someone else the confidence to do the same.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to network like a genuine hero, and all for the better.