How to Make Your Business More Accessible

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Whether you are starting a business or have a well established company, there are many reasons why everyone should strive to make their business more accessible. Not only does it make your business more attractive and drive more customers, but it will also ensure you care about your customers by being more inclusive.

Making your business more accessible is not just about making your building accessible for disabled people (while this is a huge part of it) but it also means creating an entire business that everyone can easily access. 

By implementing changes to make your business more accessible, you can play a positive role in creating a more inclusive and equal world. Here are some top tips to help you get started. 

#1 Building access

If you have a building that clients need to attend for meetings, employees attend for work or a shop front that customers will visit, it is important to make changes that make it accessible for everyone. This can seem like an overwhelming task at first, but it doesn’t have to be that way because there are a variety of big and small changes that can be made. To start with, you should review your building for any immediate improvements. Make sure you consider all access points, for example:

  • Height, size and organization of tables and counters 
  • Width and size of aisles and doors 
  • Obstacles around the building 
  • Steep inclines and stairs

You can also speak to staff and clients to see what they say. They will be able to provide you with valuable insights. 

#2 Customer service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business, as it helps you to attain a loyal following and increase customer retention. While standard customer service protocols can be vital to your business’s success, sometimes the standard procedures are not enough for everyone. Every customer has different needs, and some require more assistance. Communication and adaptability are key, so you should consider training your employees to assist customers with a variety of different disabilities and needs. 

#3 Website

Your website should showcase your business and be a source of information for your customers. As a business, the main focus of a website tends to be the design. While it might look nice, it is not always made accessible or easy for everyone to use. There are a variety of small changes that you can make to your website that will make it more accessible. For example, the font type and size, a clear layout, picking background colors appropriately, big buttons and elements, alt tags on images, and more. 

Additionally, if you want to make your website more accessible to those who speak a different language, you should consider translating the website content into multiple languages. This can be done through the use of translation plugins or by hiring a professional translator, such as those found at Stoquart. Making these changes will help make sure that everyone can access and use the website, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities.

#4 Advertising 

Advertising is key to driving new customers to your business. It’s no good if it cannot reach all your potential customers because your advertising was not made accessible. Instead, you should review your advertising and make changes. Some of the best improvements you can make include hiring a translation agency UK to help you reduce any barriers by adding sign language or transcripts to your work. 

Making your business more accessible not only increases your customer following but also creates a more inclusive environment that shows you care.

WIthout making your business more accessible, you may be excluding people who could be long-term, loyal customers. Follow these top tips to get started in creating a more accessible business.