How Modern Tech Is Being Used To Sell Properties

Real estate agents are continually seeking innovative methods to enhance the appeal of properties. In recent years, this pursuit has led to the integration of various gadgets and software solutions aimed at transforming the way properties are presented and sold. From virtual reality tours that offer immersive experiences of homes to advanced drone technology capturing breathtaking aerial views, the real estate industry has witnessed a tech-driven evolution that goes beyond traditional marketing methods.

In the realm of property sales, modern technology has become a powerful ally for real estate professionals. Utilizing cutting-edge software allows for the creation of visually stunning presentations, incorporating high-quality images, interactive floor plans, and even 3D walkthroughs.

Moreover, online platforms and apps streamline the buying process, providing potential buyers with convenient access to detailed property information. For those interested in exploring the vibrant real estate market, technology has made it easier than ever. Potential buyers can now Explore London estate sales with Finlay Brewer or another real estate agency in whatever part of the world they want from the comfort of their home. This has provided a seamless blend of traditional expertise and innovative tools to enhance the property search and buying experience. That said, today we’re exploring a few of the aforementioned different ways modern tech is being used to sell properties.

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Drone photography

Taking aerial photos used to require hiring a helicopter. Using a drone is much cheaper and easier, and has become a popular new way for real estate agents to promote properties (especially those situated in locations that look stunning from above). You can buy your own drone, or hire someone with a drone to take photos for you. It’s also possible to take aerial videos using drones.

Interactive virtual tours

Using the likes of this Matterport 3D tour company, it’s also possible to create interactive virtual tours of properties. Using a computer, phone or tablet, you can then virtually walk through the property. Photos can be taken using 360 cameras that allow viewers to gaze around each room as if they were standing there. Alternatively, 3D virtual models can be created using software (useful for properties that haven’t been built yet). 

3D dollshouse views

2D floor plans can only provide so much of an idea as to what a property’s layout looks like. By creating 3D dollshouse views of properties, you can give people a much clearer idea of what the inside of a property looks like. You can create these views using specialist software or by hiring designers to help create models for you. These dollshouse views can be uploaded to a website or printed out and handed to clients. 

Promotional uploaded videos

A growing number of real estate agents are using platforms like YouTube and TikTok to upload video tours of properties. Using a professional video production company, it’s possible to create stylish videos that can capture a property in the best light. Such videos could include an agent showing the viewer around, or they could simply use a voiceover with captions to convey information about the property. One of the biggest benefits of these videos is that they can be shared across social media to attract more potential clients. Such videos are most popular with luxury properties, but are also being increasingly used to promote regular properties. 

Live video tours

For those who are unable to attend a property viewing in person, live video tours can be the next best thing. This involves an agent or agent’s assistant using a phone or tablet to capture video footage via a video conferencing app like Zoom as they walk around the property. Unlike a promotional uploaded video in which every shot can be carefully angled and edited, a live video tour can provide a rawer perspective. Clients can also ask questions about what they see and ask the agent where to point the camera if they want to give a certain part of the property a closer look. Such video tours are typically held privately between an agent and a single client, however live video tours can be given to multiple clients at once or even broadcasted live on social media to the public.