How a Next-generation ERP Needs to Focuses on Your Processes

Before coronavirus, the construction industry enjoyed a strong trajectory upwards, with many contractors and subcontractors having been booked for months and even years in advance. How can the construction industry surpass this damage? How can it stay steady until this worldwide-public-health-crisis passes over? It all starts with the most important thing: the Health & Safety of the team and the way they work.

The foremost concern for the construction industry during these challenging times is the health and safety of its workforce. Implementing rigorous health and safety protocols is non-negotiable, ensuring that teams can work with confidence in a secure environment. Prioritizing employee well-being goes beyond compliance; it’s an investment in the long-term sustainability of the industry.

Being able to work remotely is key, that is why Archdesk ERP was created, having in mind the construction industry and its digitisation. The next-generation construction software solutions provided will allow you to know how your projects fare, at any given moment and location, as long as there is a stable internet connection. It is a manufacturing workflow software for the forward-thinkers in the construction industry; for the ones that understand what can be done in order to protect their employees and their businesses.

ERP solutions offer construction companies the ability to streamline project management by centralizing crucial data, automating workflows, and providing customization options tailored to each company’s unique needs. This digital integration not only enhances efficiency but also contributes significantly to the health and safety of the workforce by reducing the need for physical contact and in-person meetings.

Selecting the right ERP software is crucial. It should align with your company’s specific requirements rather than forcing you to adapt to a rigid system. A team of ERP consultants can provide valuable guidance in choosing the most suitable software. While there are numerous options available, it’s essential to opt for one that aligns with your company’s unique internal processes. Flexibility is key, allowing you to customize the system to match your workflow seamlessly. During the decision-making process, inquire about customization options and ensure they meet your needs effectively.

This said, Archdesk ERP allows you to create your own setup from scratch – you can create both linear and non-linear processes for your projects, set up as many stages as you need so as long as they flow naturally and not encumber you. It also supports that every process happens at the right time – after the prerequisites are completed. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to add manually additional processes – for example, in special cases like materials coming in late.

Moreover, the software accommodates the need for additional processes in special cases, such as delayed material deliveries. It also facilitates critical project management actions, including setting due dates for process stages, assigning related quotes, adding to-do lists with notifications, tracking stage status via completion percentages, attaching stage-specific documents, and setting due dates to meet deadlines. The system should also allow for the flexibility to skip or cancel a stage when necessary.

When choosing the construction software solutions for your team, ensure that they will allow you to take multiple actions inside the way your processes setup:

  • Set due dates for process stages
  • Assign related quotes to the process
  • Add To-Dos for your team to the stages of the process – notification included
  • Track the status of each stage by setting up a completion percentage
  • Adding attachments specific to a certain stage
  • Set the due date to meet deadlines
  • The system should allow you to SKIP / CANCEL a stage if need be

Allowing you to track even the smallest changes inside your project, the manufacturing workflow software will give you full flexibility. You will also, in this way, have a single repository handling all the informationyou will ever need about your projects. Finally, access should be granted by the department to your team, in order to avoid miscommunication between your employees.

The construction industry’s resilience in the face of global challenges hinges on its ability to adapt and embrace technology while unwaveringly prioritizing the health and safety of its workforce. With digital solutions ERP, construction companies can not only weather the storm but also emerge stronger and more efficient in a post-pandemic world. By customizing workflows, ensuring comprehensive project management, and promoting collaboration, the construction industry can overcome obstacles and continue building a better future.