Help, I Have A Pigeon Problem That’s Affecting My Business

How a professional bird control service can remove a pigeon infestation and prevent a recurrence through using techniques such as hawks, wires, nets, spikes and traps.

Removing and preventing avian infestations with professional assistance

If you’re worried about the amount of pigeons around your business premises; perhaps they seem to be growing in numbers and the amount of droppings takes considerable time to clean up and the noise can be distracting. Who can help and, if so, how do they get rid of them?

There are various methods to discourage pigeons and preventing them from returning; expert bird pest control specialists can help remove most bird pest infestations:

Assessment – the bird pest control professionals will come and assess each infestation and formulate a plan to get rid of it for you. Once that’s achieved they’ll suggest and – if you like – implement a prevention regime so you’re not troubled by a recurrence. If you’re bombarded by infestations of other pests, you may want to see what services are available to rid you of those problems too. Check out these experts to see if they can help you out –

Action – once they’ve assessed the scale of the infestation they put together a plan of action and, once you’ve given them the go ahead, put it into operation.

Prevention – once the company has removed the bird infestation they’ll put into action their suggested plan to prevent them returning.

You’re right to be concerned about your pigeon problem. They can cause damage to your business premises through roosting, and their droppings – along with being unsightly – can clog pipes and guttering and, because of their acidity, eventually damage plaster and brickwork.

Droppings harbour diseases so can cause a health hazard.

How bird pest control experts remove the pigeons – the favoured option is to use specially trained hawks; they fly at the pigeons to scare them off and prevent them from becoming settled and roosting.

Depending on the severity of your pigeon problem will determine how often they organise hawk flights near your premises. It’s all part of the assessment they’ll make when first coming to visit you.

The type of hawk they use is determined by the type of bird threat; Harris hawks and lanner falcons are especially effective against feral pigeons, so you could see these swooping around your premises.

Bird pest control hawks are used to working in a variety of settings including football stadiums, landfill sites, town squares and large industrial sites.

Continuing hawk flights as prevention – periodic ‘hawk flights’ around your premises are usually recommended once the pigeons have gone so as to help prevent them from returning.

Trapping – for larger gatherings of pigeons where numbers need reducing quickly trapping may be recommended.

As its name suggests, pigeons are trapped using cages and culled humanely if required.

Preventative steps – bird pest control experts have a variety of measures to help prevent pigeons returning to your business and will be happy to suggest the ones they think will best help you.

Here are the ones most commonly used:

Pigeon spikes – can be a humane and effective solution to deter nuisance pigeons from roosting and nesting on buildings and ledges. These simple yet ingenious devices consist of rows of pointed spikes that make it uncomfortable for pigeons to land, encouraging them to find alternative spots.

Netting – popular in urban situations and to protect crops from scavenging birds, netting stops pigeons landing but doesn’t trap them; it’s stretched tight so they simply bounce off.

Wire – tensioned wire stretched across popular landing areas such as ledges and other longer surfaces inhibits pigeons from landing so forcing them to go elsewhere. The wire is very discreet in appearance so won’t spoil the appearance of a building.

Hawk kites – literally a large kite in the shape of a hawk in flight. The basic shape of it in the air can be seen by pigeons from long distances and acts on their inbuilt fear of birds of prey.

The flights and positioning of hawk kites is varied so pigeons and other bird pests don’t become too used to its appearance.

As you can see there are various ways a specialist bird control service can help solve your pigeon problem and prevent a recurrence using modern and effective methods.