Give Your Customers Something To Remember You By

After customers have finished using your product or service, you want to ensure that they will remember you so that they use your business again in the future or recommend you to their friends. There are a few ways to help customers remember you. Below are just a few tricks.

Promotional products

Promotional products are a great way to get people to remember your brand. These could be freebies that you give out an event such as a branded pen or branded yo-yo. Alternatively, they could be souvenirs that you charge money for (these are a great option for experience-based businesses).

Try to choose promotional products that have some kind of practical application so that you know customers will use them and acknowledge them in the future. Branded baseball caps are a reliable option that can be great as an event freebie or a souvenir – companies like Cap America can custom-make these for you.


Photographs are a sure way to encourage people to remember your company. Many experience-based companies will hire professional photographers to take photos. These can make great memos that you can sell in different forms from fridge magnets to keyrings. You could even get custom magnets for your business merchandise that you can give to your employees and customers.

An alternative option is to encourage customers to take their own photos. How do you do this? By simply making your product or premises look visually appealing. Customers will not just look back at photos of products and experiences they’ve loved, but may also share them with friends and on social media, helping you to win over customers. 

Reusable bags

Many retailers can encourage customers to remember their company by giving away branded reusable bags. Reusable bags are designed to be reused making them not just more eco-friendly than disposable bags but a great promotional tool. Such bags can encourage customers to shop at your store again and become loyal customers. 

Look into manufacturers that can create these bags for you. This post at Sustainable Life Blog details the benefits of reusable bags for companies. 


You can also get customers to remember your company by encouraging them to download a customer app. An app can serve as a constant reminder of your company every time they open their phone and look through their apps. You can even send notifications to further remind your customers. 

There are app developers that can help you to create your own company app. Popular customer apps include loyalty card apps and digital menu apps.

Business cards

Giving your customers a business card can also encourage them to use your company again by helping them to remember your contact details. This could be useful if they stumbled across you (for instance, if a customer got in your taxi, you could hand out a business card to them to encourage them to use your service again). 

Business cards are typically used more regularly for handing out to leads who are yet to become customers. If someone shows an interest in your business, it is always worth handing them a business card. Keep a few business cards in your wallet at all times. There are many companies that can print off business cards for you.