Getting The Best From Your Team With The Right Incentives

Getting your employees to do everything that you need them to should be an easy task. However, when you’re working with human nature, it can be a little more tricky than you might expect. 

It may not seem unreasonable to ask your employees to do something, and for them to give you the exact results that you’ve asked for. But people don’t work that way. Your team are not machines and you cannot expect them to constantly be motivated. 

Sometimes you will need to give your team a bit of extra motivation to really bring out the best in them. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the incentives that you can get the best out of your employees and motivate them to really succeed.

Let Your Employees Enjoy a Trip Away 

People like something to look forward to in life. It gives them hope and fills them with positivity. 

One way that you could incentive your team is by providing them with the chance to have a trip away or a holiday. 

You could run this as a competition, and provide a holiday for the best performing team members. Alternatively, you could subsidize or pay for a work-related trip away. This could take the form of a team-building exercise. 

You can click here to learn more about how you can motivate your team with the prospect of a break. 

Give Them a Cash Incentive 

Your employees get paid for the work that they do for you. And, some may argue that being paid should be incentive enough. 

You may well pay your team a competitive rate of pay, however, life always throws curveballs at people, and the ability to earn extra money is always going to be useful.

Offer your team a financial reward for achieving the results that you need from them. 

Be sure to set your expectations higher than your needs and this will increase your productivity and your profits. 

The ability to earn extra money is often a major factor for some employees applying for jobs. Make sure that you are clear in your job advertisements if you offer an incentive.

Time Off in Lieu 

If your business is not able to afford any extra payments or expensive prizes as rewards, you may want to consider providing paid time off instead. 

Although this will come at a financial cost to the business, it will provide an increase in productivity which may justify the ends. 

Make sure that you take control over when the lieu time can be taken. Try and ensure that your team is taking this time when it suits the business, not themselves. 

Finding the Balance

However you decide to incentivize your team, it will always be important to find the balance. Monitor how much you are spending out on incentivizing your team, and compare this with the additional revenue that their extra effort brings in. 

The trick of successful incentives is always to make sure that you monitor their success and adjust the reward accordingly.