Cutting Your Risk of Dementia

One of the fastest growing health conditions around the world is dementia. Not only is it one of the fastest growing conditions, it’s also one of the most heartbreaking, not just for the person who is suffering with it, but for their family and friends.dementia is known to cause issues with memory and thinking and it already affects around 50 million people around the world there are nearly 10 million new cases diagnosed every year and the number of people with dementia is expected to triple in the next 30 years.

We don’t yet have a treatment for dementia. We do have medicines that can help to try and slow it down and we do have supplements such as premium Dihexa powder to boost the brain. What you could be doing, if you have a history of dementia in your family, is looking at ways that you can help to slow down the onset.

Image source: Pexels

  1. Start looking after your diet. Healthy diets have been long known to play a good role in maintaining your health and preventing heart disease, cancers, and diabetes. The benefits of eating well also extend to the health of your brain. What’s good for the heart is good for the brain, and what are the top recommended diets to try is the Mediterranean diet. Loading up on fruit, veggies, fish, white meats, olive oil, nuts and coffee will all help to lower your risk of dementia.the mediterranean diet has been proven to lower the risk of cognitive impairment so why not give it a try.
  2. Move your body. Regular exercise can do wonders for the brain.Not only are you going to notice your cognitive thinking Improve, but you’ll be able to stave off any cognitive decline, and dementia leading a sedentary life is not the way to go. If you’re trying to avoid dementia, you should be doing at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week. So whether that’s biking, walking, or jogging, it’s completely up to you. The key is to be consistent.
  3. Stop drinking and smoking. Do you really need to be drinking throughout the week? Probably not. Do you really need to smoke? Absolutely not. Giving it up is going to help you to improve your cognitive thinking and as we know, too much alcohol can contribute to the onset of dementia.
  4. Stay social. Having an active social life isn’t necessarily going to stop you from developing dementia, but most dementia patients are isolated because they no longer have their support network around them. Isolation can lead to hearing issues and dementia, so it’s a good idea to keep those friends around you as much as possible. 

It’s never too early to start practising healthy lifestyle habits. As much as possible, you need to take that first step to stave off dementia where you can. Don’t be afraid to get started right now.