Cut Out These Time-Wasters From Your Business Day

Time is precious in business, so the last thing you want to do is waste it. With a to-do list of tasks to get through, alongside deadlines that need to be met, you don’t want to be forced to take work home with you, and you don’t want to leave too much work on your desk for the next day either. 

So, maximise your time as much as possible, and beware those time-wasters that could eat into your productivity. By taking heed of them, you can hopefully cut them from your day, and give yourself more time to get things done.

These are just a few of the time-wasters that could be hindering your business day.

Menial admin tasks

Admin is a necessary evil, but if you’re reliant on manual techniques, you’re going to waste a heck of a lot of time during the day. Whether it’s using pen and paper to manage staff scheduling, or processing endless amounts of paperwork when taking on new hires, you are going to lose a massive chunk of time from your day. Instead, find ways to automate your admin tasks, using the appropriate apps and staff management software to simply those menial things you need to do. 

Tasks you aren’t trained in

There will be some aspects of your business that you are very good at, and there will be those aspects where your skills are very low. Now, you could improve your skillset, especially in those areas of your business that you are directly responsible for. But for those tasks that you probably shouldn’t be doing anyway, you might want to outsource or delegate to those who have more skills than you. You will only waste time trying to grapple with the tasks you find difficult if you struggle on alone, so get the experts your business needs instead, and free up your time. 

Online distractions

The internet is a great tool for your business. As soon as you have found efficient internet available in my area, the options are endless as to what you can use it for. For example, you can use it for marketing and research purposes, and you can quickly get in touch with clients and colleagues. But because you’re probably sat in front of your computer for much of the day, you might become distracted by your favourite websites. You might check out the latest deals online, read up on celebrity gossip, and spend time on Facebook for reasons that are not business-related. When you get sucked into the internet, you might struggle to pull yourself away, and that will be detrimental to your business day. Our advice: use a website blocker so you aren’t tempted by any time-wasting online distractions. 

Pointless meetings

If you don’t have something important to relay to your clients or staff team, don’t bother with a meeting. And even if you do have something to say, ask yourself: Do I really need to take time out of my day with a meeting to say it? You can easily relay information through email, social media, or a quick Skype chat, so don’t schedule in meetings that don’t need to exist. 

So, do yourself a favour and stop wasting time. You will get more done in your day if you do, and you won’t have to work overtime at home or in the office! Follow our suggestions then, and check for any other time wasters that could be hindering your day.