Are You Ready To Win A Black Belt In Cybersecurity?

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When it comes to protecting yourself in real life, an accolade like a karate black belt is pretty good going. This is proof that you know your stuff, and you’re ready to defend from any attack. Sadly, there are no such recognitions when it comes to cybersecurity for your company.

Instead, you likely feel as though you’re fighting this battle blind. Luckily, while there might not be any conventional belt system to determine how good your cybersecurity efforts are, there are a few ways you can apply that same karate thinking to this alternative form of defense. And, we’re going to consider them here. 

Let the pros lead the way

All martial arts rely on the presence of an experienced and supportive sensei. Only with their help can you understand what you’re defending against and how to do it well. And, cybersecurity isn’t all that different. If you implement programs you don’t fully understand in-house, then it’s not surprising if breaches occur. By comparison, letting IT consulting pros like those at Netcom Solutions lead the way here is sure to reap better results. Not only can they teach you in the ways of business protection, but they can also drastically rehaul your current approaches. 

Protect your weak spots

Martial arts like karate are less about thoughtless fighting and more about understanding weak spots in the body. This is a form of defense, remember, and you can’t defend what you don’t know is at risk. Equally, you can’t fully protect computer systems from breaches if you don’t know where hackers may gain access. Admittedly, bringing an outside company in can, again, go a long way towards helping you find a comprehensive solution. But, even with their best efforts, internal risks like employees using your connections for personal purposes could compromise everything. As such, it’s down to you to understand where those hidden weak spots lie, and make sure that you put policies in place so that they don’t risk your efforts. 

Picture Credit: CC0 License

Always know your enemy

The more you know about your martial arts enemy, the better able you’ll be to protect against them. After all, as soon as you learn their favorite moves and general fighting style, the better position you’ll be in to know the risks you need to be aware of, and how you can counteract them. Equally, the more you know about the cybersecurity risks you’re up against, the better you’ll be able to prepare your defenses against them. The help of an outside company should be especially useful for this, but it also pays to do your own research. Cyber risks move at a fast rate, after all. The more you do to ensure they can’t catch you out in battle, the better off you’ll always be. 

Cybersecurity and martial arts might not have a great deal in common, but they are both fantastic defenses when it comes to external threats, and the more information you have about protective techniques, the better your defenses will be. As such, thinking about martial arts methods can certainly help to give your company some kick-ass protection from those pesky computer-based threats.