Are You A Reliable Boss? You Might Be Surprised…

If you’re a business owner, perhaps the boss of a small team or even a large team, then one thing you want to do is ensure you’re reliable. When you’re a reliable boss your employees tend to put a lot more of their trust in you. Employees that trust their employers often work harder, stay loyal to the company, and have a higher level of workplace satisfaction. These things are all crucial to the wellbeing of your team! 

However, you might be surprised to learn that you’re not as reliable as you believe yourself to be. Read on to find out if you’re a reliable boss: 

You Can Express Yourself Clearly 

Many bosses don’t actually express themselves as clearly as they should. Communication is one of the most important things in any business. It’ll impact everything, from your company culture to your bottom line. Being able to express your expectations to your team is essential. Have you honestly been expressing yourself clearly, or could you do more to ensure everybody is on the same page? Do you expect certain members of your team to read your mind? 

You Know How To Give Praise 

Being able to give praise will make a huge difference to the confidence and happiness of your team. Praising them when they have done something great is a must, both individually and as a team. Getting comfortable with expressing gratitude and praising your team will go a long way to making sure they are loyal to you and continue to work hard. Find a way of praising your team that makes them feel truly valued. This ties in with being able to express yourself clearly, too. 

You Avoid Office Gossip 

As the boss, you shouldn’t be getting sucked into office gossip. In fact, you should be the one to nip things like this in the bud as quickly as possible. If your workplace becomes a hotbed for gossip, many of your employees likely won’t feel comfortable working for you much longer. As a boss, you shouldn’t have favourites – especially at the expense of other employees. 


You Invest In Your Employee’s Development

Investing in your employee’s development is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Not only will your employees appreciate that you’re spending money on their professional development, you will notice differences in how they interact with your business. It shows you believe in them, and it could even help them in their personal lives. 

If you’re not investing in your employees, ask yourself why that is. 

You Provide Perks and Incentives 

Perks and incentives are so much more than just a few weeks off each year. Monetary bonuses, lunches, office treats, workshops, nap pods, time for personal projects and even flexi time and gym memberships are all great incentives. Other great incentives include business phones and even vehicles – with extras from places like Of course, it all depends on what your employees need to feel happy and comfortable at work. 

You Keep Your Promises 

A reliable boss should always keep their promises. Don’t say you’re going to do something if you can’t follow through!