5 Ways to Help Your Business Go Green

Green businesses are companies with an eco-friendly ideology or focus. Consumers are now more eco-aware and many prefer to buy from a reputable sustainable brand. Going green will help your business appeal to investors as well. There is a bright future for eco-friendly businesses.

Not only will marketing your company as sustainable be better for your business, but there are also many financial benefits. These include tax reductions, sponsorship, and subsidies. Making the change is therefore not only better for the environment but has financial appeal as well. Here are five ways to help your business go green. 

Green manufacturing

Green manufacturing has a strong focus on climate change and energy management. If you outsource your manufacturing, it’s a good idea to work with a company such as TSMC that shares these values. It’s also important to understand how your manufacturing deals with water and waste management and air pollution control. Consider using more sustainable materials and don’t forget to advertise this in your marketing content. 

Green marketing

Get your company aligned with environmental initiatives and non-profit organizations. Volunteer for charities that your business can relate to and make sure you publish your efforts. Make the most of creative technology like video content or podcasts and develop your website even further. Social media is also a great tool to boost your green reputation. Post engaging content as evidence of your business’s corporate social responsibility. 

Green office

A greener office is not only better for the environment but it will also help to boost employee morale. Employees are becoming increasingly concerned about the moral standards of the company they work for. Many people are more aware of their carbon footprint and would prefer to reduce it at work as well. 

Make your workspace greener by replacing all old lights with more energy-efficient LEDs. Improve the insulation with double glazing and eco-friendly flooring options. Plants also make a great addition. They’ll eat away air pollution and are proven to provide a calming atmosphere.

Green habits

Improve green habits in the workplace like recycling and reducing waste. Hold conferences and workshops on how your employees can live in a more environmentally friendly way, and set an example. Topics you may want to include could be commuting and working from home. Be more flexible with the option to work from home and start schemes to encourage car-pooling and cycling to work. This will help to reduce your carbon footprint and be better for your employees’ wellbeing. 

Green future

If you are really serious about building a green future for your business then you could aim to get certified as an eco-friendly brand. Companies that make a large social contribution can qualify to become a registered B Corp. This will do wonders for your reputation, even if it seems a while off yet. If you’re wondering how to become certified, do your research. Find an eco-label in your field and look up the certification requirements, for more information on how to get certified click here