5 Ideas To Protect Your Business Online

According to Cyber Defense Magazine, ‘43% of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses.’ What’s more, ‘31% of organizations have experienced cyber attacks on operational infrastructure.’ A data breach means wasted time, wasted money, and compromised credibility. To help protect your biz online, put these five ideas on your to-do list.

1 . Password Protection

A password management system is an excellent way to keep your various passwords safe. A PM system is a digital platform that stores your passwords, which are then accessed by a master password. Password management systems are beneficial because they allow you to use complex passwords, with no need to learn these or write them down. PM systems allow for quicker logins to your accounts, which ultimately saves you time.

2. IT Support Services

Investing in an IT Support service is a great way to enhance your cybersecurity protection. Troubleshooting your own IT issues can be complicated and time-consuming. With an IT support service, you can leave all that to the experts. An IT support company can offer your business 24/7 IT support, from your help desk solutions to your cybersecurity. Common IT support packages include virus protection, storage tasks, remote monitoring, and IT management. An IT service can help you to identify network security risks and rectify these.

3. Educate Yourself

Technology advances at a rapid pace, keeping up with the latest means educating yourself about the cybersecurity field. There are plenty of e-learning courses in cybersecurity, or you could simply read up using online resources. For an informative cybersecurity resource try reading The United States Cybersecurity Magazine. SC Magazine is another great e-zine; these articles deal with the challenges that modern businesses face when implementing cybersecurity.

4. Invest In Cyber Insurance 

Cyber insurance can help protect your company assets and protect you financially in the event of a breach. Security policies can help protect your rights, your data, and protect any third parties associated with your assets. A security breach can mean that your network goes down, and if this does happen, your business will lose revenue. With a good cyber insurance policy, you’ll be able to recuperate any losses.

5 . Strong Authentication

Strong authentication systems can help you ensure that the right people are accessing your network. Once your employees have entered their passwords, it’s advisable to use a second authentication method. For example, use a code that’s sent to your employee’s smartphone or key fob device. Employees must then enter the code before they access the network. To take things a step further, create a third step to your identification process. You might like to use biometric testing, for example, a fingerprint. With multi factor authentication you’ll far improve the security of your network.

Once you’ve got a security system in place, this doesn’t mean you can sit back and chill! Cybercriminals continually adapt their practices, which is why your defenses should adapt and improve as time goes by. With an IT support service, your company can remain up to date with the latest security solutions.