4 Tips For Choosing The Right Office Space For Your Business

The task of searching for office space for rent where you can set up your business venture is an exciting one, but it’s also a decision that’s easy to get carried away with too.

Office spaces provide a setting for work activities, such as admin, accounting, purchasing, and marketing, to operate under one roof. With departments nearby, it’s simple, quick, and easy to; initiate urgent meetings, delegate tasks, and work together on a project. Plus, an office space provides a social atmosphere, a sense of belonging, and fulfillment for employees, which leads to higher morale and productivity. For points to consider while searching for your brand-new office, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind on your quest.

Nature of Your business

If you, for example, manage an eco-friendly business creating sustainable products, you may want to incorporate the beliefs of your business into your office space. Such as finding office space managed by owners who are interested in sustainability. Whether using renewable energy sources, supporting the recycling of packaging and paper, large windows permitting natural light, to prevent the use of artificial lighting, and so forth.

The primary point is, it’s essential to think about what your business represents, the feel you want the office to create for employees, and whether it works in line with your brand and customers’ expectations.

Cost of Premises

The cost of owning, renting, and running your chosen premises matters. It matters to your budget and the sales you’ll need to make per month to cover your expenses. For instance, opting to source an office for rent in affordable alternative locations will help you to avoid mid-city areas with high price tags. However, this depends on whether you have any location requirements that require your business office to be within a particular area.

As an additional tip, during researching available spaces to rent or purchase, be open to negotiating the price, the lease, and the facilities on offer. Cutting down your office space costs shall free up more money to invest back into the business. If your business could handle it, you could even consider virtual offices, which are far more affordable than any physical space. You can visit Your Virtual Office London website to find out more!

Office Size

Signing an agreement for an office space means you’re committed to a set space for a relatively long time. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure the area you choose will be enough room for employees and all of your business equipment equipment (filing cabinets, computers, office furniture).

Picture by Linkedin Sales Navigator from Pexels – CC0 Licence

The specification for each property should give you an idea of how many people the premises can cater to. However, you shall want to think about your business’s future growth too. Office space, which fits your requirements now, may hinder your ability to employ people in the coming months when your company starts to grow.

Company owners also need to adhere to legal requirements to prevent; overcrowding in the office and cable management to avoid a tripping hazard and equipment obstructing fire exits.

Facilities and Amenities

While searching for office space, be conscientious of the amenities and facilities available to your employees, and clients. Take time to ask whether there will be;

  • Adequate room and appliances in the kitchen to support the needs of your existing staff during lunch breaks.
  • Enough toilets for staff and clients, perhaps even separate bathrooms for both.
  • Ample electric sockets to safely power your business technology.
  • A back-up power supply.
  • A reception and waiting area for clients to check-in.
  • Are there restaurants, convenience stores, shops, and so forth nearby for employees to dine and run errands on their lunch break?
  • Appropriate access for disabled people.
  • Car parking facilities and nearby travel links.

The facilities and amenities you require will depend mainly on the nature of your business, the staff who work on the premises, and whether you regularly see clients. Before your search, identify yours and your staff’s basic requirements to calculate what’s essential. In doing so, you can avoid higher costs associated with office spaces, which have more facilities and amenities nearby.

The points highlighted above shall help you funnel down your search for suitable office premises that will work with your budget, work well for your employees, and provide space for your business to grow and flourish.

Once you’ve compiled your specification and requirements from an office, including but not limited to, the price range you can reasonably afford, the amount of space you’ll need, the location, facilities, and amenities. It will give you more confidence in making the right decision for your company. However, it’s essential not to stall for too long, otherwise, you could miss the perfect place.