How Can The Self-Employed Continue Offering Their Services?

During economic crises like the kind we’re in right now, the little guy usually does all right. When there is so much chaos in people’s lives, they almost always turn to small business owners or self-employed. People stop spending a lot of money as they normally would and they instead seek competitive products and prices for services. In a way, even loyal customers will leave their big brands if they can find someone willing to give them a more expedient local option. This is why you need to capitalize on the situation and stir more business in their own direction.

Boost your ‘near me’ listing

Google offers businesses the ability to list themselves. Give Google your exact location, take a few photographs of your store or business office, leave some contact details and wah-la, you’re on Google Maps. You will also appear in business listings on Google search results. Invest in your local SEO and you will find business will increase more consistently. Usually, if you’re just making your business online, you will have peaks and valleys in terms of your exposure. This is due to keywords and keyphrases being fought and lost, on a daily basis. Recording a virtual tour of your business is the hottest thing right now, in business listing marketing. Take the viewer throughout your business, whether it’s conducted from an office, a store or a warehouse.

Be consistent and reliable

It’s better to admit, many new clients didn’t pick you as their first choice. Most of us stick with large brands because we feel ‘safe’. There’s something about big brands that we consider to be more reliable. But now, since the lockdown, everyone is budgeting. That’s why your services might have been chosen as a self-employed tradesman. Your website might have shown you do a washing machine repair job cheaper than a large company. You might be able to repair plumbing in somebody’s house quicker because you’re closer. Using handyman software that schedules your jobs, you will be able to stick to a list of jobs and be most consistent in your arrival and time spent on each. The software is incredibly easy to use. All the information you need is there. The name, address, job type, additional notes and time-keeping, is in the palm of your hand. Equally beneficial, is the ability to draw up and send invoices from the same app. After you finish each job, the invoice can be sent and paid before you even leave.

Location and social media

Locational social media posts are more likely to be shared and interacted with by the local populace. Your posts will be spread on all the social media websites by individuals that live in the same town, city or neighborhood as you. But, only if you use location settings on all your social media posts. This way, the algorithms will allow your posts to show up on local residents’ timelines. If you don’t feel confident optimizing your social media and website for local SEO, contact a company like Hooked Marketing for assistance.

The small business owner can be the hero the neighborhood gets during this pandemic. You need to make sure you have a good business listing on Google to get the ball rolling!