6 Ideas To Improve Your HR Processes

Is your HR department somewhat outdated? Are you looking to jazz things up, but not sure where to begin? The world of HR used to look a whole lot different, but thanks to technology, companies have many options available to improve efficiency and productivity.

1 .  Automation and AI

Thanks to the power of modern tech, businesses can automate tedious admin tasks to save time. Using automation, your employees will be free to work on more important projects and enjoy less paperwork. In the last year or so, some businesses have begun to use artificial intelligence to streamline their recruitment processes. AI algorithms can be utilized to sort through candidate applications. AI often uses keywords and the job spec to find those candidates that are well matched. Some companies tend to take the help of companies (such as Checkr) who tend to offer platforms to perform various background checks on potential candidates. This just goes to prove how with the advancement of technology, it’s likely that AI will play a more active role in recruitment.

 2 . Improve payroll

With a digital payroll system, businesses can reap the benefits of a modern payroll solution. These systems often use self-service portals, which helps both employees and managers to review or update data. Using self-service payroll systems, managers can enhance engagement and increase productivity. Modern payroll systems can help businesses to comply with tax regulations and complete tax returns to the deadline. 

3. Staff benefits

Take a look at your staff benefits, and see if there is any room for improvement. Every business wants to employ top-quality candidates and keep staff turnover low. A strong company culture, and great staff benefits, will make you more appealing to your potential hires. As a starting point, try flexible work patterns, wellbeing options, health care, and training perks.

4. Use social media 

To attract the best staff, social media is an excellent tool. Try using platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook to promote your company, and current roles. When you are writing job ads, use your company culture to draw in the right people. This year, many recruiters are choosing to send personalized video messages to candidates, as opposed to conventional email comms. Proactive moves like this can help you to improve your recruitment process.

5. Time tracking

With the right software, businesses can make their time tracking processes a whole lot easier. Using your time tracking data, you can control employee expenses, and ensure that everyone is paid correctly for their shifts. It’s also simple to manage time-off requests and make allowances for sickness leave. Traditional time tracking processes tend to involve lots of time and paperwork. Using a digital solution, you’ll have more time to spend on your key projects.

6. Tech for recruitment

Digital hiring platforms are an excellent way to revamp your hiring process. Using a digital platform, it’s easy to conduct your primary interviews using video conferencing software. With platforms like these, you can track your applications and notify successful candidates. It’s also a good move to use onboarding software, for an efficient way to get your new staff started.

Using a cloud hr package is the best way to utilize all of the above and improve the quality of your HR processes. With cloud based solutions it’s simple to run your business remotely, from wherever you please.